What we do


What we offer

We look for Nordic companies in IT, cleantech-, advanced manufacturing- and life-science areas with significant international

and Chinese growth potential and an interest to seek significant growth China.


We aim, together with our companies' management

and our partner network, to analyse the needs in big international markets, especially in China, and to create an expansion and growth plan for chosen markets and to finance growth and value creation by investing in the company.


Our Nordic and Chinese team members has expertise in private equity and growth capital and a broad network in the Nordics and China. Our

China expert has in recent years been helping tens of Nordic companies to expand and grow in the Chinese market. Our team also has a long experience in various operative management positions, including CEO, CFO and head of International Business and M&A positions in fast growing publicly listed companies.


Value creation

In order to achieve the win-win results of Nordic companies' market expansion and the global megatrends, we engage in building a bridge between the Nordic countries' leading technologies and international big markets like China by making a private equity investment into a Nordic company and then helping our investment companies to integrate the relevant business resources of both ends.



Capabilities to match the challenges regarding Chinese expansion


China is developing quickly to become the largest market in the world, and the economy is undergoing structural transformation, which create enormous demand for upgrade in both industrial and consumer sectors.



An annual growth of 16-30% is expected in each of the IT, cleantech, advanced manufacturing and life-science areas. The increase in annual market size in these areas is expected to be over 4 trillion euros by 2020. Meanwhile, China has a prosperous, multi-level capital market, which is now developing rapidly. China has seen consecutive and dramatic growth in outbound foreign direct investment over the last five years, which reflects the

Chinese investors’ strong interest in cross border investment and expansion to global market.


We are a rare team in the market, which is able to implement an efficient post-investment value creation plan by integration

of the business interests of both Nordic and Chinese players. We are capable of designing the proper investment structure including the selected value-adding Chinese investors for financing our investment companies’ business expansion in the Chinese market.



Growth investing


We are a later-stage growth investor. We seek to support our investment companies’ global growth financially and operationally. In addition to providing equity capital for financing the growth and value creation, we can also conduct different management-buy-out (MBO) and other leveraged buy-out (LBO) transactions and help in attracting senior debt and other 3rd party financing to the company.



Investment strategy

We invest primarily into non-listed, profitable Nordic companies within IT, cleantech, advanced manufacturing and healthcare & life sciences with significant international and Chinese growth potential. The companies we invest in should have an interest to expand to and grow in China.


The companies can be manufacturing, product or service companies. The companies’ technologies should be leading or innovative and somehow protected, existing customers should be well recognized, production in scale should be proven, and when applicable the clinical and other governmental or regulatory requirements should have been passed at least in Europe.


Company revenues should typically be around EUR 10 - 100 million. We invest in controlling minority and majority stakes and LBOs, typically as sole investor or lead investor.